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Jordan Steps Up Pressure on Syria

A Wall Street Journal Roundup

King Abdullah of Jordan became the first Arab leader to publicly suggest Syria‘s
President Bashar al-Assad should resign, adding to international pressure against
his government to end its crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. Continue reading


Security Council may vote on Syria resolution

By the CNN Wire Staff

Syrian opposition groups in Turkey plotted the creation of a National Council to topple President Bashar al-Assad's regime.
Syrian opposition groups in Turkey plotted the creation of a National Council to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

(CNN) — The U.N. Security Council could vote as soon as Tuesday on a resolution calling on Syria to immediately halt its violent crackdown on opponents who have staged protests against the continued rule of Bashar al-Assad. Continue reading

The Peaceful Way to Bring Down Syria’s Assad

Bashar Assad


March 30: Syrian President Bashar Assad addresses the Parliament, in Damascus, Syria.

In the months since Syrian president Bashar Assad first began gunning down democratic
protesters in March, the United Nations reports that the death toll has reached over
2,200, and the number grows every day. Continue reading

Syria ignores protests over siege of Latakia

Latakia siege

A still from a amateur video purportedly showing armoured vehicles and Syrian
troops as they take up positions in Latakia. Photograph: AP Continue reading

Turkey warns of ‘steps’ if Syria continues crackdown on protests

By Anthony Shadid New York Times / August 16, 2011 BEIRUT – Turkey’s foreign minister demanded yesterday that the Syrian government end its crackdown on a five-month-old uprising “immediately and unconditionally,’’ warning that unspecified steps would be taken otherwise. Continue reading

Preventing Civil War in Syria

By Elliott Abrams

Syria remains rocked by antiregime protests that have endured since March, and the country may be headed for civil war. That’s because unlike in Egypt or Tunisia, sectarian rivalries are central to Syrian politics. That adds an element of danger to the situation—but also points the way toward how dictator Bashar al-Assad may fall, especially if the West takes the proper initiative. Continue reading

Syrian protesters fill streets after president’s speech

Bashar Assad promises political reforms but offers no concrete steps toward democracy
Syrian refugees
Syrian women wait for medical care for their children at a refugee camp in the Turkish border
town of Yayladagi. (Umit Bektas, Reuters / June 21, 2011)

By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

Thousands of antigovernment demonstrators took to the streets Monday
immediately after Syrian President Bashar Assad delivered his first public
address in two months, a speech promising political reforms but offering
no concrete steps toward democracy demanded by a burgeoning protest
movement. Continue reading

EU powers ask U.N. Security Council to condemn Syria

By Louis Charbonneau


UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – European nations moved on Wednesday
to have the U.N. Security Council pass a resolution condemning Syria
for its bloody crackdown against pro-democracy protesters, diplomats said. Continue reading

Syria’s defiant women risk all to protest against President Bashar al-Assad

‘The regime has been rattled’. A human rights activist and lawyer describes the situation in Syria Link to this videoThey came for the men first, as the security forces of Syria‘s President Bashar al-Assad killed, beat and arrested people protesting against his regime.

Next, they came for the women of Syria’s revolution. Despite the threats, however, they refuse to be silenced. Continue reading

Activists: Syrian Security Forces Kill 3 at Protesters’ Funeral

Activists in Syria say at least three people were killed Saturday when security forces fired on mourners holding funeral services for at least 44 people killed in Friday’s protest demonstrations.  Opposition websites are also claiming that medics were not allowed to treat the victims.   Meanwhile, in Yemen, embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh is saying once again that he will sign a Gulf Cooperation Council plan that paves the way for him to resign.     Continue reading