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Burma is a Facist Disneyland : Aung San Suu Kyi

If the Western world can conjure up images of Burma, it’s thanks in large part to
last year’s Oscar-nominated documentary Burma VJ, which detailed the 2007
nonviolent uprising by thousands of Buddhist monks and ordinary Burmese
citizens against the ruling military junta. Constructed from footage smuggled Continue reading


A New Way Around Internet Censorship?

by NPR Staff NPR
China is stepping up Internet censorship, telling hotels and cafes they need
to monitor public Wi-Fi usage or face fines and punishments.

China is already one of the most heavily censored places in the world — along
with places like Burma (Myanmar), Iran and many Middle Eastern countries. Continue reading

Starting a revolution with technology

(CNN) — Political revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia not only inspired other regional uprisings
— they sparked a flurry of ideas about how to help revolutionaries better communicate when
their governments pull the plug on the World Wide Web. Continue reading

Arab unrest infographic

Syria tests internet freedom theory

John D. Sutter
By John D. Sutter, CNN
March 30, 2011 — Updated 1936 GMT (0336 HKT) | Filed under: Innovation
Syria, now in political upheaval, had been going through an internet revolution before protests began.

(CNN) — In the wake of Egypt’s “Facebook revolution,” which was fueled in part by online social networks, much has been made about the role of technology in encouraging or even creating democracy.

“If you want to liberate a society, just give them the internet,” said Wael Ghonim, one of Egypt’s tech-savvy revolutionaries.

Syria, the latest country in the region to announce reforms in the wake of protests, is a curious test of that theory. Continue reading

From Innovation to Revolution

Do Social Media Make Protests Possible?

Malcolm Gladwell and Clay Shirky

Malcolm Gladwell

While reading Clay Shirky’s “The Political Power of Social Media” (January/February 2010),
I was reminded of a trip I took just over ten years ago, during the dot-com bubble. I went to
the catalog clothier Lands’ End in Wisconsin, determined to write about how the rise of the
Internet and e-commerce was transforming retail. What I learned was that it was not.
Having a Web site, I was told, was definitely an improvement over being dependent Continue reading