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Unease in ‘Happy Guangdong’


ZENGCHENG, China—This was supposed to be the debut year of “Happy Guangdong“—
a slogan coined by the high-flying provincial Communist Party chief in this southern export powerhouse. Continue reading


Truckers Protest, Adding to Chinese Fears of Unrest


BEIJING — Truck drivers disrupted operations at Shanghai’s seaport on Friday, the third day of a violence-marred protest that underscores the growing anger among Chinese over rising inflation.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at a container-handling facility at the city’s Baoshan port, news reports stated, monitored by dozens of police officers. On Thursday, thousands of drivers staged a noisy protest at the huge Waigaoqiao port, smashing truck windows of drivers who had refused to join them, and officers arrested several drivers who tried to overturn a police car. Continue reading

The smell of jasmine strikes fear in China’s leadership

Seasoned watchers say this is the most intense drive against dissent by the authorities over the past 15 years

By Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver SunApril 8, 2011

The body language of China’s leaders and their minions suggest the ruling Communist party is a lot more fearful of being toppled by a popular uprising than most outside analysts would judge likely. Continue reading

Chinese official: Protests will ‘never happen’ in Beijing

March 06, 2011|From Jaime FlorCruz, CNN

A Beijing official blamed attempts to spark protests in China on people “harboring
illusions,” saying citizens will not take to the streets because they want stability.

“Certain people at home and abroad are using the internet to instigate illegal
gatherings in China and play the so-called street politics,” said Wang Hui,
director of the Information Office in Beijing. Continue reading

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei arrested in latest government crackdown

By Keith B. Richburg, Sunday, April , 10:06 PM

BEIJING — Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most prominent artists and an outspoken critic of the communist regime, was taken from Beijing’s airport by security agents Sunday as he was about to board a flight to Hong Kong. Police later raided his studio.

Ai is the most high-profile activist to have been detained in a government crackdown in which dozens of bloggers, human rights lawyers and writers have been swept up. Continue reading

Is China Next?

Will the protests that have swept the Middle East inspire a similar movement
in China, or is that country’s middle class more interested in the material than the political?


[CHINA inside]
Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Surveys show that a majority of Chinese feel their lives have gotten better economically in recent years. Above, a worker at a construction site in Suining, China.

Over the course of three short months, popular uprisings have toppled regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, sparked a civil war in Libya and created unrest in other parts of the Middle East. They also have raised a question in many people’s minds: Are all authoritarian regimes now threatened by this new democratic wave? In particular, is China, a rising superpower, vulnerable to these forces? Continue reading