Anna Hazare to leave Tihar at 11am, head for Ramlila Ground

NEW DELHI: Anna Hazare will come out of Tihar Jail at 11am and will go to
Rajghat, the samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, before he launches his fortnight long
protest from Ramlila Ground.

73-year-old Hazare, who is on fast for the fourth day and had spent the last three
nights in Tihar jail, will address the crowd of supporters that have been thronging
outside the prison complex for the last four days.

Hazare’s associate Kiran Bedi told reporters that he will go in a procession from the
jail to Mayapuri, distance of about 4-5 km and then drive down to Rajghat. From
there he will go to India Gate in central Delhi before moving to Ramlila Ground,
a short distance from there.

She appealed to the supporters not to block roads and traffic.

Hundreds of Hazare’s supporters too have been camping outside the Tihar premises
since Tuesday when the anti-corruption activist was taken to the prison after his arrest.
Original News Source Link    Times of India
After two days of hard negotiations, the stand-off between the Gandhian and the
government ended with the two sides agreeing that Hazare will undertake a fast for
15 days at the Ramlila Ground subject to certain conditions.

Hazare got from Delhi Police the spacious Ramlila Ground for his fast instead of the
smaller J P Park.

Significantly, Team Hazare made it clear that his fast would not be a fast-unto-death
and he will be on hunger strike only till his health permits.

73-year-old Hazare, in a video shot inside Tihar jail, said the protests by “all my
brothers and sisters, the elderly and the children” is giving him a “new energy” for
his fast.

He said people were fed up of corruption and the government should not take long
to bring a strong Lokpal Bill.

Hazare, who is on the third day of his fast inside Tihar jail, also said he is not “tired” at all.

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