Top Qaddafi Aide Reaches out to US

Libya's Foreign Minister Musa Kusa speaks during a news conference at a hotel housing the foreign press in Tripoli
Libya’s Foreign Minister Musa Kusa speaks during a news
conference at a hotel housing the foreign press in Tripoli

Libyan Foreign Minister Musa Kusa initiated a telephone call to assistant
Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman, a senior State Department official directly
involved with the Libyan crisis. The call took place Sunday night. The contents
were unknown. This is not the first contact a top Qaddafi official has had with the
US Government since the US-European campaign began.

Feltman stated that he never initiates contact with Kusa, but does take the Foreign Minister’s calls. Sunday’s conversation was not the first. The number of calls directed to Feltman by Kusa is unknown but alleged to be more than two.

The contact between Feltman and Kusa marks the highest-level exchange between the US Government and the Qaddafi regime since hostilities began. Educated in the US, Kusa was once considered by the Obama administration as the “brightest hope for a pivotal defection among Qaddafi’s inner circle (Fox News).”

State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated that; “we still have lines of communication open,” when asked about ongoing contacts between the US and Qaddafi.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made statements to ABC news that alluded to “members of Qaddafi’s inner circle have reportedly made in recent days to secure safe passage out of Libya, either for themselves or for Qaddafi.”

Clinton continued, “We’ve heard about other people close to him (Qaddafi) reaching out to the people they know around the world—Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, beyond – saying, ‘What do we do? How do we get out of this? What happens next?” Many are speculating that the “other people” include Kusa and his connection to Feltman.

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