Power-love: Mubarak unmoved; Egypt row continues


Hosni Mubarak
Cairo, Feb 6: Despite two-week long agitation with the demand of his immediate
resignation, Egypt President Hosni Mubarak remained unmoved. Mubarak still
rejected to quit his power now itself as he tried to assure the protesters that he
will go after the Sep 2011 election.
Most of the ruling leaders of the Egypt government resigned on Saturday, Feb 5 but the move failed to please the protesters. They continue their demand of Mubarak’s resignation.

Following the protest in the country, Egypt faced a huge loss over the two weeks. As agitators made Tahrir Square a battleground for them, the most busiest center of the country became paralised.

The economic status of Egypt shuddered within a few days as most businesses shuttered, banks are closed and tourists are avoiding the country.

Showing the needs of the Egyptians, protesters continued agitation against Mubarak government but several started doubting as stating, “I wanted (Mubarak) to leave, but now I don’t know if things will be worse if he does.”

However, most of the people still claimed, “After 30 years of oppression (Mubarak’s), this is just a small price to pay.”

Some sources informed, “But it’s relatively peaceful now, and they’re hunkered in and around what has become an enormous tent city.”

OneIndia News

This page was printed from: http://news.oneindia.in/2011/02/06/egypt-protest-continues-mubarak-not-ready-to-quit-aid0101.html


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