Cairo witnesses a second ‘day of anger’

Salma Shukrallah, Thursday 27 Jan 2011
Downtown Cairo Wednesday saw scenes of further anger against the regime as protesters
attempted to retake the city centre, only to be dispersed by a heavy security presence
Throughout Wednesday, downtown Cairo witnessed thousands of Central
Security Forceschasing hundreds of protesters, as they tried to reassemble
in Tahrir Square — a replay ofwhat took place Tuesday when more than
20,000 demonstrators converged on the square,occupying it for several
hours until they were dispersed by security forces early Wednesday morning.  

Some of Wednesday’s clashes turned violent with security forces firing tear gas canisters and
rubber bullets; demonstrators threw stones in response. Hundreds have been arrested and
several injured.

In front of the Al-Ahram newspaper building on Galaa Street, an ambulance arrived at around
6:00pm to pick those protesters who were seriously injured. In less than a minute, the ambulance
was surrounded by tens of angry demonstrators chanting anti-government slogans.

In response, hundreds of Central Security Forces surrounded the Al-Ahram building, imprisoning employees inside.

Beginning at Galaa Street, near Al-Ahram, and into Abdel-Moneim Riad Square, riots continued for hours in an attempt to reoccupy Tahrir Square.

Demonstrators could be seen burning tyres under the 6thOctober Bridge, where riots first erupted on Wednesday.

Security forces blocked 26thJuly Street, bringing traffic to a halt, as they strove to prevent demonstrators from marching onto Tahrir.

The presence of Central Security vehicles – positioned to ward off further protests — has also been a major cause of traffic congestion.

Demonstrations began Wednesday when hundreds of protesters first gathered in front of the Press and Lawyers’ syndicates, echoing demands voiced throughout Tuesday’s ‘day of anger’.

Police sealed off Abdel-Khalek Tharwat Street – where the syndicates are located – after slight clashes between police and protesters.

Eight journalists were reported detained.

There have been brief attempts by protesters to gather outside the High Court and in Tahrir Square. Neverthless, all attempts were quickly dispersed.

Strong clashes between protesters and Central Security Forces have been witnessed in Ramsis, Talat Harb and Qasr El-Nil Street.

After Tuesday’s unprecedented demonstrations, the interior ministry released a statement reiterating that no further demonstrations of any kind would be tolerated.

Police maintained a heavy presence throughout the downtown area all evening, questioned anyone who appeared to loiter in the city’s centre.

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